Dog Day care

If you are out at work or just away for a day long excursion or have a special event on your calendar and are returning
home in the evening, your dog can come to us for an action-packed, fun day and can come home to you, relaxed,
happy and contented.

Day Care is an alternative to our Dog Walking service, for dogs that are not good at being left alone for long periods of
time. A day packed with fun, walks and play, together with plenty of love, care and attention, you
can have peace of mind knowing that your pets are having full, active days in your absence.

Are you visiting our lovely scenic, historic area for a break ?

Hotel or B&B not accept dogs, and you don't want to be 100's of miles away from your pet ?

Bring him with you and drop him off with us, you can visit him whenever you like and even pick him up to take him for
a walk yourself. 

We are keen caravanners/campers and know how difficult it is when you want to visit places that your dog simply
cannot accompany you on.  Some sites do not allow you to leave your pet in the caravan while you are out, so why not
drop him off at Happy Pooch while you explore the local area.  We will walk him while he is in our care and feed where
necessary, no more puppy dog eyes at the caravan window as you drive away, he will be on his own little day trip
which we guarantee he will enjoy !

Day Care:

Full day - £20 (this is based on a normal working day of an 8 hour period, extra rates will be incurred outwith the 8 hours)

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